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Skin Care

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TNS Essential Serum®TNS Essential Serum®


This unparalleled anti-aging serum is the first to combine the benefits of the patented growth factor serum.

TNS Recovery Complex®TNS Recovery Complex®


This unparalleled patented treatment gel using the highest level of a combination of growth factors.

Skin Brightening

Over time, hyperpigmentation can appear on the skin in the form of dark spots and patches. Skin discoloration negatively affects your complexion. However, no matter how discolored your skin may have become, you can restore your skin’s glow with our skin-brightening products. These products give your complexion clarity and radiance.

Lytera® Skin Brightening ComplexLytera® Skin Brightening Complex


The Next Generation in Skin Brightening Lytera® is a brightening product that addresses the appearance of skin discoloration.


Environmental contaminants and various cosmetic products can cause skin issues like acne and a rough complexion. Our cleansing products offer quality skin care for Albuquerque patients looking to remove these harmful contaminants.

Purifying Foaming WashPurifying Foaming Wash


This instant foaming wash with salicylic acid helps remove excess oil and impurities to clear skin. Salicylic acid is well-known for its ability to overcome acne by dissolving skin debris that keeps the pores clogged. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent that facilitates rapid elimination of pustules and pimples.

Facial CleanserFacial Cleanser


This foaming, soap-free facial cleanser gently purges dirt, makeup, and environmental pollutants from the skin as it hydrates and refreshes.

Sensitive Skin CleanserSensitive Skin Cleanser


Gently cleanses the most sensitive, post-procedure or inflamed skin with a combination of soothing botanical extracts.

Skin PolisherSkin Polisher


Ultra-fine jojoba spheres gently lift dead cells from the skin surface without stripping moisture or over-exfoliating the skin. Jojoba is known for being not just a moisturizer but also an antibacterial, a hypoallergenic, an antioxidant, and a controller of sebum production.


Dull skin tone is caused by the formation of layers of dead and damaged skin cells on the superficial skin layer. Exfoliate these dead skin cells with the help of skin care in Albuquerque. Our products make the skin look young and fresh, restoring a more even skin tone.

Rejuvenative TonerRejuvenative Toner


This refreshing, non-drying toner gently exfoliates dead skin cells and refines pores with mildly exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids.

Purifying TonerPurifying Toner


Purifies and refreshes skin with a combination of salicylic acid, tea tree oil, willow bark extract and other ingredients.

Age Defense

Age signs appear in a variety of ways. Dry skin, fine wrinkles, dullness, rough patches, and even thin lips are indicators of the aging process. To address signs of aging that have taken their toll on your appearance, try our high-quality products for age-defense skin care in Albuquerque.

These products ensure that your skin looks and feels soft and moisturized, exfoliate dead cells, address small imperfections, and help you say goodbye to the tired appearance. They’re an ideal way to keep aging signs at bay and look younger for years to come.

Retinol Complex 0.5


Three forms of vitamin A in a microparticle delivery system enhance skin texture through exfoliation and skin regeneration.

Hydrating ComplexHydrating Complex


This unique blend of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid effectively replenishes skin’s moisture reservoir.

15% AHA/BHA Cream15% AHA/BHA Cream


This treatment with 15% alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids improves the appearance of skin texture, tone, and smoothness by exfoliating dead cells.

TNS Line Refine™TNS Line Refine®


Visually reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and crow’s feet.

Uplifting Eye SerumUplifting Eye Serum


This oil-free serum soothes the delicate skin around the eyes to rapidly reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

TNS Illuminiating Eye Cream®TNS Illuminating Eye Cream®


This lightweight eye cream with the patented growth factor blend TNS®, peptides and chrysin helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

TNS Eye Repair®TNS Eye Repair®


This luxurious eye treatment cream formulated with the patented growth factor blend TNS®, peptides, high concentrations of antioxidant vitamins C and E and hyaluronic acid.

TNS Lip Plump System™TNS Lip Plump System™


This treatment cream combines the rejuvenating strength of the patented growth factor blend TNS® and collagen-filling spheres and the clear plumping gloss with niacin enhances the natural color of lips.

Ultra Sheer MoisturizerUltra Sheer Moisturizer


This light, oil-free formula effectively hydrates skin while antioxidant vitamins C and E protect against free radical damage.

TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer™ + SPF 20TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer™ + SPF 20


This daily moisturizer offers the ultimate combination of hydration and anti-aging protection.

Dermal Repair CreamDermal Repair Cream


Dermal Repair Cream This ultra-rich cream intensely hydrates and replenishes moisture to dry skin with high levels of lipid soluble antioxidants, vitamins C and E.

Rejuvenate MoisturizerRejuvenate Moisturizer


This rich cream with vitamins A, C and E soothes and hydrates stressed, dry skin.

TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream™TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream™


This ceramide-rich treatment cream with the patented growth factor blend TNS® and peptides.

TNS Body LotionTNS Body Lotion™


This silky, emollient body lotion with the patented growth factor blend TNS® improves the appearance of aging and environmentally damaged skin.

Ceratopic® Replenishing CreamCeratopic® Replenishing Cream


This intense moisturizing cream replenishes and hydrates extremely dry, cracked skin.

Sun Protection

Sun damage can appear in the form of redness, rough patches, sun spots, and even skin cancer. Proper skin care in Albuquerque means finding the right sun protection to suit your skin. Give your skin the protection it needs with our advanced sunscreen options.

TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 34TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 34


Formulated for daily use, this innovative sunscreen both protects from harmful UV rays while also supporting the skin’s natural restorative properties. Plus, unlike most other sunscreens, this product also protects the skin from infrared rays that contribute to lines, wrinkles, and other damage.

TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 34 TintedTOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 34 Tinted


This sunscreen offers the same daily protection and repair as the original formula, with a sheer tint of color added to highlight your natural complexion.

TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SP 50+TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SP 50+


“Sports ready” and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, this sunscreen formula offers increased protection for your most active days.

Environmental Defense Sunscreen™ SPF 50+Environmental Defense Sunscreen™ SPF 50+


This very water-resistant, full spectrum UVA/UVB defense sunscreen protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays in an oil-free, PABA-free and fragrance-free formulation.

Environmental Defense Sunscreen™ SPF 30+Daily Physical Defense™ SPF 30+


This state-of-the-art, oil and fragrance free sunscreen provides full-spectrum defense against UVA/UVB rays.

Visible Redness

Irritation and redness give the skin a stressed appearance. If your skin has been looking red and inflamed, use these soothing products to bring back your natural skin tone.

Redness Relief Calmplex™Redness Relief Calmplex™


A clinical breakthrough that reduces the appearance of visible redness by addressing the underlying causes, while helping to promote healthy skin.


At AlluraDerm MD Med Spa, part of providing ideal skin care for Albuquerque patients is treating acne. When excess oil, dirt, and bacteria clog the pores, it leads to embarrassing acne breakouts. These acne-treatment products can clear away acne breakouts and let your skin look its very best.

Acne Treatment LotionAcne Treatment Lotion


This elegantly formulated benzoyl peroxide-based therapeutic lotion fights the causes of acne, restoring balance to the skin for a more healthy and radiant complexion.

Purifying Foaming WashPurifying Foaming Wash


Acne Treatment Foaming Wash with salicylic acid, an acne-fighting ingredient, helps to remove excess oil and impurities without drying the skin. Acne Treatment Foaming Wash also helps reduce the number of acne causing bacteria as it prevents skin’s pores from clogging with gentle exfoliation.

Purifying Toner


This invigorating, botanical-based toner targets acne breakouts and helps promote healing via natural antiseptic ingredients such as tea tree oil and salicylic acid.

Acne System


SkinMedica’s Acne System employs therapeutic antiseptics to destroy bacteria, clean deeply, speed healing and reduce breakouts.


Prominent scars resulting from acne, injuries, or surgery can make a person feel self-conscious. With proper treatment, the appearance of scars can be reduced, restoring clear and beautiful skin.

Scar Recovery Gel with CentellineScar Recovery Gel with Centelline


Topical Scar Healer helps support key aspects of scar formation to reveal smooth, clear skin. It’s clinically tested to provide earlier and greater overall improvements in the appearance of scars. It’s specialty key ingredients are naturally-derived and soothing lightweight gel. It has an easy application, just twice daily.


SkinceuticalsSkinCeuticals product philosophy and educational programs are built around the principle of prevention, protection, and correction. SkinCeuticals line of advanced skincare products is designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct previous damage. SkinCeuticals products are designed to do more than restore youthful, radiant skin –they are designed to help prevent serious skin conditions, like skin cancer.

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